Today, the Ruksax event of the day was the arrival of over 2,000 handbags from China. The shipment came by way of an international airline carrier into San Francisco International Airport. The Ruksax founders headed up the effort of bringing the goods through customs and reported tiredly, “We left for the airport at 7:00 in the morning and did not gain possession of the product until 9:00 that night. The series of forms, lines, and driving was endless.” They admitted that a lot of headache could have been avoided if they had a hired a customs broker, however, they were also very enthused about having figured out the process themselves. Ruksax will be running warehousing/shipping operations out of two locations, one in Hauula, Hawaii and the other in Palo Alto, California. As a result of the shipment, Ruksax is pleased to announce that starting today, all vinyl handbags are currently in stock and ready to ship.