Rukax International Inc, creator of the casual handbag, opens for its first day of business on New Years Day, 2007! Ruksax will incorporate in Hawaii this month as a small business with high hopes for the New Year. For the past few months the founders of Ruksax International Inc., Meg (age 22) and Corbin Thomander (age 28), have been busily prototyping their new and unique line of vinyl handbags. What makes their bags so unique, you ask? Well, I posed this question to Corbin, and he responded, “It’s simple really, it’s all about the vinyl. Our bags are made of clear plastic-like vinyl, which allows our one-of-a-kind graphic artwork to be displayed. The artwork is printed out on paper and sewn in between two sheets of vinyl and creates a totally unique appearance.” While their bags have potential for national and international appeal, Ruksax plans to start small by making them by hand and selling them to friends by word of mouth. By the end of 2007, the founders plan to have launched an e-commerce website, outsourced production overseas, and got into a few retail stores.